Vaccine passports to social credit system

Vaccine passports are livestock branding, and they have nothing to do with your health and safety. By the time the government can decide what goes into your body, you are no longer a free man but a cattle owned by someone.

Flyer - Are Vaccine Passports An Innocent And Convenient Tool?


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A Must Watch Video - Funeral director John O'Looney blows the whistle on COVID

Funeral Home Director and Whistleblower John O’Looney claimed that COVID-19 is one big hoax orchestrated by the government based on his experiences and observations as an undertaker. The mortuary director claimed that nurses were ordered to administer fatal levels of midazolam, which led to several deaths.

Outrageously shocking claims, O’Looney also alleged that experts knowingly and falsely labeled nearly every cause of death as COVID-19, even those that the funeral director knew died due to other causes.

About the date of October 6 on the flyer

In an attempt to “cleanse” the entire civil service of Jewish employees, questionnaires were sent to civil servants starting on October 6, 1940. With this declaration, which came to be known as the Aryan Declaration, the occupying forces wanted to gain insight into which public functions were held by Jews, so that they could then be fired. Those who refused to sign the declaration were allowed to leave in any case. The completed declarations had to be returned no later than 1 November 1940.
CANADA 2021, OCT 6TH 2021
“Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and @DeputyPM_Canada
Chrystia Freeland announced details of the government’s plans to require #Covid19 #vaccination across the federal public service and federally regulated transportation sectors. Learn more:
1:05 PM · Oct 6, 2021″